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How We Work

For you to decide if Valley Hospitality Services is the right place for you to work, or the right company to work for you, we would like you to know how we work.


Valley Hospitality Services is a hotel & food management company located in Columbus, Georgia. VHS has a well-earned reputation for developing and managing profitable, benefit-laden properties. VHS's particular expertise lies in creating and developing service driven organizations. Focusing on creative sales and marketing initiatives, employee driven capabilities and superior customer service, VHS has developed a singular but fully adaptable model for success. Success is measured in two equally important areas: financial objectives and the guest experience. As a part of this approach, we believe in sharing risk with our partners by producing measurable results.


VHS takes ownership of the entire operation of a facility, managing every aspect from day one. Sales, marketing, advertising, e-commerce, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, revenue management, staff training, maintenance and even landscaping - everything is done in-house.


By asking the right questions and listening to your answers, we can structure a sound and detailed plan to identify and fully realize your facility's full potential. Sales, marketing, operations, and account goals are targeted and specifically detailed.

Where We Work

Hotel 150x150


Running the day-to-day operations of a hotel property is an enormous undertaking. From housekeeping to health & safety, guest relations to hotel manager, there are so many positions on the team that not only must be filled, but must be filled will someone willing, eager, and able to do their best, each and everyday. Valley Hospitality manages a multitude of hotels and motels in the Columbus metropolitan area, so, if you feel you are up to the task, there are many opportunities to join the winning team!

Resturant 150x150


Preparing a delicious meal is hard to do. Doing it for a roomful of people is even harder. Achieving that feat day in, day out takes a dedicated crew; not only in the kitchen and in the front of house, but also behind-the-scenes managing the books, making sure the food is not only coming in at the lowest price point but also going out with the highest ROI and quality.

Catering 150x150


We manage restaurants and catering services, hotels and motels, and all manner of properties in between. As an employer, that means we are looking for a dedicated and diversified workforce. We are looking for the type of employee that could not only fill a position at any number of our managed properties, but could one day find themselves helping to manage Valley Hospitality Services itself.